What happens if physically handicapped people shares Gospel?? (PART2)

A group of people were getting ready for a prophetic school,It was around 350kms journey from their place, they moved in a train. Among them there was a deaf guy!

They learnt a lot in 7 days of prophetic school, enjoyed a lot and witnessed that they tasted God’s presence in the Prophetic School. After 7 Days of School they headed back to their places.

This deaf guy was not healed in that school as he expected, He was in hurt! and in a great disappointment, Felling heavy in his heart! but still his heart was burning for Christ.

It was very hard for him to listen anything, He sat simply near a window while other group people talking about how they enjoyed in the Prophetic School.

Someone who sat just before that deaf guy, asked him where are you going? He was not able hear that and asked again and again to answer him. that passenger kept talking louder and louder!

After few mins this deaf guy ( He is 70% deaf but can speak ) started sharing Gospel to that passenger, In return that passenger raised a question, but this deaf guy could not heard it at all.. Passenger asked same question many times but no use!

Suddenly deaf guy got an idea, He took his dicta-phone and asked the passenger to repeat the question for the last time! Passenger asked again and deaf guy recorded it and told passenger to wait for a min, He took his headphones and connected to Dictaphone and heard the recorded question of passenger again and again by increasing volume to max.

Wow!! Finally deaf guy understood his question and gave him answer! Passenger said wow, I will believe in Christ right now. They prayed and exchanged phone numbers.

In a little distance, All of the team was watching everything what was happening there as it was very loud conversation. They felt themselves ashamed because they can hear and speak and also tasted the presence of God in the prophetic school but still not using their Time for Jesus.

One boy who was a lead to the group came to deaf guy and said Brother you did great job which we didn’t.. I salute you!

Healing is manifested or not but Jesus is the healer! He didn’t lost his power to heal people. Healing is your right! its yours! Jesus has paid for it! walk by faith! walk in the fullness of Christ!

Let people salute your Faith in Christ and praise His name!

-Raju Shetty

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