What happens if physically handicapped people shares Gospel??


A pastor was travelling in a train,He went to preach in a meeting and returning back, After few stops a group of deaf and dumb people entered train with Gospel tracts, (They can’t speak and they can’t hear but) they were explaining people with sign language that Jesus is LORD! He died to save sinners and gave them tracts to read.

Few people received and reading, Few have thrown tracts out from windows and few returned to them saying we don’t wanna read, Few people acted violently with those handicaps.

All these disrespectful situations are common for these handicapped guys, they moved on and came to the van were Pastor seated.

They came and gave tracts to pastor also, they told him Jesus is LORD! He died to save you and gave tracts.. That pastor reacted with a great shock and said he is a pastor, sadly this pastor don’t know sign language and handicaps were unable to understand what that pastor trying to tell them. they told him to read tracts and moved to next van .. lol

Pastor’s heart was not at all satisfied, after few mins there came a another stop, these all DFDM people got down from train. they have a leader who can speak and hear little.

Pastor got down and rushed to meet the group again, he went to the group and leader was looking at him, Pastor told I’m a Pastor, and gave him his visiting card!

Leader explained to all the group that he is a Pastor. the whole group were jumping to see a pastor!! they were filled with joy! and hugged pastor! (it was like they saw Jesus).

Other side, This Pastor was felling ashamed, He was also in same train but he was wasting his time! doing time-pass. This pastor cried and greatly encouraged to share Gospel boldly.

( By sharing this incident, I’m not telling that God uses sickness to teach us, our teacher is Holy Spirit, it is not spirit of infirmity but Holy Spirit. . )

What are you waiting for? reach out! share the Good news of Christ and save the souls!

Jesus Loves you all!

Raju Shetty

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