New Kannada Christian Praise Song 2017 | Mahimeya Deva neene | by Evg Praveen Kumar R | YNY album | with Kannada Subtitles

Amazing Kannada Song by Evg Praveen Kumar R. from Yella Neene Yesuve album.


Song: Mahimeya Deva Neenae
Album: YNY Album
Lyrics, Tune & Sung by: Bro Praveen Kumar R
Music direction: Rufus Ravi
Video: Rakesh Sharma D
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For copies contact: +91 8548888185/186/187
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Song Kannada and English lyrics:…

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ice songs.. But most of the songs are neenu, ninna … Nee.. Jesus name or god is not there .. As we know that there is power in the name of lord Jesus we are not using it .. That’s the sadest part… Plz put Yesu word instead ninna.. Nee.. Neenu.. Etc.
A humble request..

Hi, Child of Jesus

Thank you so much for the feedback you have given to our song Mahimeya Deva Neene. The lyrics and tune of this song was inspired in my heart by the Holy Spirit during my prayer time, we never sit to compose any songs like commercial people do, but we respect your comment, kindly pray for us, stay blessed.



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